16th December is the victory day of Bangladesh. On this day Bangladesh got independence. Victory day is well celebrated in Bangladesh & different part of the world throughout different kinds of cultural activity.

Shenyang aerospace university, Bangladesh Student Association organized the victory day with a cultural program at the premises of SAU.  The student sang the National anthem of Bangladesh and then gave a drone salute by raising the Bangladeshi flag with a drone.  At SAU currently, more than 80 Bangladeshi students are studying in different majors. 

SAU-2019 International Science and technology competition champion team which were the Bangladeshi also were present and at the end of the ceremony, all the students are determined to study well and will contribute to the development of Bangladesh.

Shenyang Aerospace University is the one which is focusing on Aviation Development in Bangladesh with the collaboration with Government & different organizations. The student of Shenyang Aerospace University is practicing Bangla Culture at abroad with the slogan -” We are the BANGLADESH & We are developing BANGLADESH with our own development”

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