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beginning of electric Aircraft, UAV, UAM & Drone era

Who we are?

Avion Aerospace Group consist of experienced
aerospace/aeronautical engineers, aircraft and
drone designers and pilots to provide one stop
aviation solution in various fields. Avion is a
government licensed international engineering
and consultation firm which was established in
2019. We provide solutions for aviation and
space research activities, manufacturing,
designing, engineering, architecture, aircraft and
UAV supply, aero equipment and spare parts
supply, provide training, and contract on
building aircraft production line and run-ways.

AVION FF05 UAM- Urban Air Mobility
AVION FF05 UAM- Urban Air Mobility


Plant Protection ELECTRIC UAV Precision spraying · Intelligent Planning One-Key Work


SY-2 Electric UAV Simple structure, convenient carrying, rapid deployment and pullback

RX1E-Electric Aircraft (2 Seat)

Ruixiang two-seater electric light sport aircraft

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