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beginning of electric Aircraft , UAV & Drone era

Who we are?

Avion Aerospace Group is a team of aerospace experts and researchers in the field of aerospace and AI technology established in 2019 . The company is govt. licensed international engineering firm and consultation based in aerospace and running with the aim of doing aviation and space research and providing solutions  in the field of Aircraft, Drone, UAV, Urban Air mobility , Airboat, design, manufacturing, sell, training and applications in aviation sector worldwide.

Our Current Service

  • Industrial UAV / Drone Design and manufacturing and sell service
  • Electric Aircraft  sell & spare parts supply service
  • Aviation Education, Career & Consultancy service ( Aeronautical Engineering, Aircraft maintenance engineering, Pilot training, UAV or Drone pilot training )
  • Aviation & Architectural design service 
  • Drone 2D, 3D modelling , inspection and aerial service 


Plant Protection ELECTRIC UAV Precision spraying · Intelligent Planning One-Key Work


SY-2 Electric UAV Simple structure, convenient carrying, rapid deployment and pullback

RX1E-Electric Aircraft (2 Seat)

Ruixiang two-seater electric light sport aircraft

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