Most fun & affordable aircraft on the market

Aeropup MK IV is a beautiful and vibrant two-seat Aircraft built to the highest standards using the finest materials by passionate craftsmen. Designed to match LSA specification, can be registered under many categories as recreational aircraft. This high wing aircraft has exceptional handling & performance, the control surfaces are very large so that control is direct, precise and predictable. The cabin is spacious and comfortable with an exceptional 360º view. The large 45 liter twin fuel tanks provide outstanding autonomy. The folding wings only require a single operator, making the aircraft efficient, easy to transport & store. This aircraft is fun to fly, practical and cheap to maintain.

Foldable Wings


The structure of the wing is made of Al-Alloy, with three main spars through the entire length of the wing. Aluminum tube struts are placed in a diagonal pattern in between the spars. Ultralight ribs provide the final airfoil profile. The skin is made of synthetic fabric designed for aviation, making the wings light and durable. The main spar was specially design for this aircraft, with an internal webbing that reinforces it structure, this allows to reduce the diameter of the spar and consecuently the total weight of the wing. The leading edge is Al-Alloy reinforced, and the wing insert & tip are made of composite material.
Wings are attached to the fuselage at two points; in the upper part through the rear spar hinge, and at the lower part by a hinge connected to the wing struts. The system allows the wing to tilt along the fuselage. This folding wing design is very practical and significantly reduces the cost per hour of flight. Once you finish flying, you can take your plane home. Once folded, it fits in a closed trailer. No need to rent a hangar. Our clever design allows you to fold the wings within few minutes without tools and without disconnecting any fuel lines or controls.




Wing span

8,20 m

Wing Chord

1,225 m

Wing Area

10,06 m2

Wing loading

29.8 kg/m2

Aspect ratio



2 º


6,03 m


1,75 m

Cockpit Width

1,07 m

Dimensions with wings folded


Max width

2,36 m

Max height

1,75 m


6,03 m

Landing gear width

2,3 m


All up Empty

300 kg

Max. Take-off Weight

750 kg(Max LSA 600Kg)

Baggage hold

40 kgs as standard

Cross wind limit

25 km/h


950 km (6 h) +10% reserve

Take-off distance

260 ft / 79 m

Landing distance

300 ft / 91 m


Min. speed

66 km/h

Operating speed

110–150 km/h

Optimal speed Vopt

140 km/h

Economical speed Vek

160 km/h


200 Km/h

Min. speed

66 km/h

Operating speed

110–150 km/h