Avion Drone Academy

Aerial Service-Inspection-2D 3D mapping-Pilot Training

Why us ?

Avion Aerospace (Govt. License No. 154883 , Republic of Bangladesh ) Providing Professional Aerial service and drone pilot training in Bangladesh.  We have CAAC and AOPA Licensed  Professional UAV Pilots and UAV instructor . Our drone training academy is Bangladesh first organization with fully equipped with ground class simulator lab and filed training. 
Curriculum developed as per CAAB Regulation.

Avion Aerospace

UAV Pilot Course

Currently Offered Courses

Course Duration: 1week

Available: Dhaka
Course fee: 9,500 BDT

CAAC& AOPA Certified Course 
Course Duration: 1 month

Available: China
Course Fee : 120,000 BDT

CAAC& AOPA Certified Course 
Course Duration: 1 month

Available: China

Course Fee: 150,000 BDT

Avion Aerospace

UAV Services

We can provide Professional Aerial Survey and Aerial video service in Bangladesh

Avion Aerospace 3d mapping

2D, 3D mapping&Modeling

We can provide 2d,3d arial mapping and modeling, service


Traffic Survey

We can provide Traffic Survey which is fully automated extraction of accurate traffic data using AI and machine learning methods

Projects that we did


1. Urban Planning , Narayangang- Architectural thesis project 

2. HatirJheel, 60 stored Architectural thesis project

3. Rangpur , lake and city cannel development, Architectural thesis project 


1. Xiamen , Factory Aerial Video project

2. Hubei, Factory Aerial Video project

3. Chengdu, Factory Aerial Video project

4. Anhui, Factory Aerial Video project

5.Shandong, Factory Aerial Video project

6.Shenyang, Factory Aerial Video project


1. Johor- Factory Aerial Video project

2. Pekan- Factory Aerial Video project

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