Ruixiang two-seater electric light sport aircraft

Product Introduction

The RX1E aircraft is China’s first new energy two-seat general purpose aircraft. The aircraft uses a pure lithium battery as the power source, and the propeller is driven by a rare earth permanent magnet motor. The whole structure is composed of composite materials. Compared with traditional oil-powered aircraft, it has low noise, low vibration, low carbon and no pollution Features. In addition to its normal use, it can be used for special purposes such as high-precision aerial surveys due to its quietness and low vibration during flight. The RX1E aircraft provides reference for the development of China’s general aviation industry in the direction of green environmental protection. The aircraft adopts a large aspect ratio, upper single wing, T-tail, and fixed landing gear at the first three points. Doors open on both sides of the aircraft cabin to facilitate boarding. The RX1E aircraft uses mechanical flight instruments and electronic digital power instrumentation. This model has comfortable and spacious interior space, beautiful appearance and excellent aerodynamic performance. Two- Seated Electric Light Sport Aircraft (TC by CAAC in Oct. 2018).
Das Schmerzmittel Palexia kaufen. Es lindert mäßige bis starke Schmerzen nach einer OP.

In RX1E-A Improved electrical propulsion system and airframe. Safety has been increased by its enhancing its airframe parachute system with latest motor and battery technology. Air-range and endurance has been increased. It is safe and reliable with a low operating cost.

Technical Parameters

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