AVION RHEA 160 is a very unique hexacopter featuring high-pressure molding full carbon fiber bodylightweight and super high strength.

Product Description


AVION RHEA 160 is a very unique hexacopter featuring high-pressure molding full carbon fiber body, lightweight and super high strength. To keep its super cool natural carbon fiber appearance, we left it unpainted. The 90minutes no-payload super long flight time makes it a perfect platform for mapping, surveillance, logistics and a lot more applications.

AVION RHEA 160 also features wonderful quick-detach arms and landing gear, making it convenient for storage and easy to transport. Also the new landing gear and gimbal mounting point, new wiring method, create a really vast internal space. And the new ESC mounting type, features good heat dissipation, so don’t need to worry about heat dissipation problem even working with Tethered Power System.

AVION RHEA 160 is equipped with high efficiency power system, the max take-off weight is 28kg at sea level (by using 8120 motor combo, max take-off weight will be 36kg). The flight time can reach 90 minutes(no payload) with 4x6s 30000mAh li-ion batteries. The light and strong fuselage, big wheelbase and powerful system make AVION RHEA 160 a high efficiency drone with long duration and good loading capacity. It can be widely used in surveillance, inspection, survey and mapping loading with different devices.

By loading zooming camera, and also VDC long range video transmission system, AVION RHEA 160 can be used for long range inspection, the video transmission distance can reach 15km.

GPS on AVION RHEA 160 is installed on a space-saving, easy to transport foldable GPS antenna mount holder, whose unique tube design allows GPS wires to be placed inside the tube to avoid abrasion and fatigue.

When equipped with EH314 4K zoom camera and gimbal, AVION RHEA 160 can be used for AI Recognition; When equipped with EH2000 camera RHEA 160 can be used for inspection which can get high-resolution pictures. And equipped with the combo of Supreme 2985 propeller and T-Motor U8 Lite, the overall performance can be improved by a large extent compared with the previously used Optimal 2995 propeller.

AVION RHEA 160 is also able to load Map-01, Map-02, Map-A7R and 3DM V3, Argus V1 oblique camera and PPK system for high definition and precision mapping jobs


Version: AVION RHEA 160 battery-powered Version
Wheelbase: 1600mm
Frame Weight: 3.8kg(with landing gear)
RTF Weight: 6.8kg(no battery)
Max. Take-off Weight: 28kg (36kg by using 8120 motor or T-motor P80)
Flight Time: 90 minutes(no payload),
Voltage: 48V
Battery: 6S 22000mAh Lipo x4; or 6S 30000mAh Li-ion x4


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