On the 20th of February 2021, Avion Aerospace Group and Liaoning Hermi General Aviation Consultancy Co., Ltd signed general agreement cooperation.

Liaoning Hermi General Aviation Consultancy Co., Ltd consultation base company registered in Shenyang China dealing with aircraft sales to flight training organizations and personal users, Provides high-quality aircraft maintenance and services, Provides aviation materials, tools, equipment, and  spare parts support, Flight Training Program in US and China, Quality Audit – Internal Audit, Third Party Audit, Consultancy – Licensing, KHT, Supply Chain, Quality System, 5S, Sales and Marketing, CRM, Production Line Management, CAAC, EASA Regulatory (CS 23/Part 21)

Avion Aerospace Group is partnering with Liaoning Hermi General Aviation Consultancy Co., Ltd to promote company development and share cooperation and exchange between the two institutions towards the internationalization of consultation, training, and Business development. Subject to mutual consent, the areas of cooperation shall include any exchange staff, exchange  Training, International internship, aerospace Engineering at either institution considered of interest to the parties, and that according to the latter, will contribute to the fostering and development of cooperation initiatives.

The agreement was signed electronically by Ruhul Amin Rana -CEO, Avion Aerospace Group and Jerry Adrian – Business Development Director Hermi General Aviation Consultancy Co., Ltd

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