Avion aerospace group did an online seminar at MIT ADT University, Pune India on Electric Aircraft and drone technology. The head of the Aerospace Engineering Department Prof. Dr. Sunil Dingari was also present at the time. It was a brief discussion about Electric Aircraft and UAV technology which is constantly evolving as new innovations and big investments are bringing more advanced electric aircraft and drones to the market every few months.
In the seminar, it was discussed about the latest technology of electric aircraft UAV technology, UAV Global market, Job opportunities, development sectors, how to become a professional UAV pilot, and the future of the UAV industry
The aim of this seminar was to give an insight into the latest electric aircraft technology and UAV industry to the young mind of aerospace engineering students to prepare them for the biggest upcoming aviation market. This seminar bought a huge opportunity for both the students to know more about Electric aircraft, UAV, and University to work with our company closely.

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