As an aviation business oriented company, Avion aerospace entered in partnership agreement with a Spanish manufacturing company Aeropup whose current ambition is to reshape the aviation industry, introducing the first fully 3D printed aircraft

Aeropup aircraft started 1982 in Australia, where light aviation was more than just a passion, it was the only way to reach remote places. The first Aeropup Mk I was a single seat high wing aircraft. During the next decades, the design evolved to incorporate revolutionary features for the time. Aeropup was one of the first Australian Companies to design a two seater LSA aircraft with a fast folding wing system.

In 2015, the company renewed with the incorporation of three young but very experienced engineers. Their goal, to make aviation affordable to everyone and spread their passion.

The partnership will involve marketing activities and distribution of Aeropup products in specific Avion Aerospace operating areas. Through the agreement both Avion Aerospace and Aeropup are expected to grow their market and reach millions of aviation passionate, providing variant products of choices and assistant to prospective aircraft owners and pilots.

The agreement was remotely signed by Luis Echánove, Co-Owner of AEROPUP S.L in Huelva, Spain and Ruhul Amin Rana, CEO of Avion Aerospace Group in Dhaka, Bangladesh on the 07th, December 2020.

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