Avion Aerospace- Africa. Regional manager Mr. Ingabire Christian
SH36 Taba-Butare, Huye District, Southern Province, Rwanda

From October 1st Avion Aerospace stared its new wing to Africa to provide one-stop aviation solution, drones, electric aircraft, education, and aviation consultation. Avion-Aerospace Activities in Africa will be managed by the African regional manager Mr. Ingabire Christian with the main office in SH36 Taba-Butare, Huye District, Southern Province, Rwanda.

The expansion of activities in Africa is based on the continent up growing economies and a population of over 1.2 billion which is mostly dominated by a new generation of young people striving to develop through technology-oriented businesses.

The Avion Aerospace company in Africa is aiming at partnering with farmers and agriculture investors to provide them with the latest agricultural intelligent drones that can be used for intelligent spraying of pesticides, field, and crop mapping, survey, and analysis, seed planting, real-time livestock monitoring, etc. Also expected to cover the customers need of other industrial Drone, Mapping drone, firefighting drone, oil pipeline or railway line inspection drone, delivery drone and partnering with different governmental institutions and companies to contribute to the reduction of aviation CO2 emission by providing environment-friendly zero fuel electric aircrafts

The new wing in Africa will also provide aviation consultant services by helping individuals, companies, and institutions with the advice and recommendations whenever needed in the aviation business, as our company is made of a research team and with wise/experienced professors and highly skilled aeronautical engineers.  Through our African Regional Branch, engineering companies, airlines, flying academies, drone service providers, African government agencies, and students will be able to easily connect with Avion Aerospace Group – Africa.

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