Foxtech, Tianjin China

On 29th June 2020, Avion Aerospace Group and world-leading UAV and UAV parts manufacturer Foxtech company in china announced & Ruhul Amin Rana-CEO of Avion Aerospace Group, Jack Fu-CEO of Foxtech signed the agreement that they would collaborate to develop the next generation of Industrial and Commercial drones market for a variety of use cases in various countries.

They are in close contact with all their customers and even offer customized solutions on request. They include in every order an equipment introduction and flight training. In many cases, they even help to set up their customers’ projects. The collaborative activity includes sales, distribution, intermediation, consulting, support, training. For a startup, this can of course be challenging at times, especially when operating globally. However, they are in a good position to have a really good relationship with most customers, sometimes even friendly contact, and that we get constructive feedback enabling them to continually improve and stay innovative.

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